*Loch Raven Review, Volume 17, No. 1, 2021*


Jane Blanchard
Mosaic of the Doves

paul Bluestein
Sometimes Crazy Is All There Is
Hilltop Cemetery

Rose Mary Boehm
Something is missing

Alan Catlin
George Grosz’s Self-Portrait as Jack the Ripper (1918)

Jona Colson
The Quiet Place

Susan Cossette
Scene From a Family Celebration
After René Magritte Was Caught Between Flames in the Fireplace

Patricia Davis-Muffett
For the Labor Ahead

Marc Alan Di Martino
Father’s Day

Lara Dolphin
The Best Time to Plant a Tree

John Dorroh
Lesson Plan: Riptide (i)

Thomas Dorsett
The Music of Arvo Pärt
I’m Not Nobody,
the blind poet

Michael Estabrook
When our eyes would meet at the station
The Wind off Mount Diablo

Attracta Fahy
I Will Not Speak of the Torment

Preeth Ganapathy

Bruce Gunther
Where Do Birds Go To Die?
In Praise of Solitude

Goddfrey Hammit
Performance Review

Rich Heller
Blond Spider Boy

Krikor der Hohannesian
Blue Smoke
If the Egret Could Speak

Chris Ingram

Cheryl Latif

Tom Montag
Excerpts from “The Woman in an Imaginary Painting”

Bruce Morton
Metamorphosis at the Prague Zoo

G.H. Mosson
The Beginner’s Tale

Kenneth Pobo
Ghost Garden
In Late May

Cliff Saunders
Mask of Grief

Paulette Demers Turco
“I Don’t Want the Police to Shoot Me”

Amber Melissa Turkin

Julie Weiss
What Am I If Not a Killer?

John Zedolik
Own Lot



49 Philippine-Language Poets: Eric Abalajon, Rene Boy E. Abiva/RBA, Tilde Acuña, Vijae Orquia Alquisola, Roy Vadil Aragon, Nap I. Arcilla III, Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles, Rommel Bonus, Marchiesal Bustamante, Kenneth Alvin L. Cinco, Kristian Sendon Cordero, Ton Daposala, Gerome Nicolas Dela Peña, Roma Estrada, Jenelyn V. Garcia, Sigrid Marianne Gayangos, Jessrel Escaran Gilbuena, Jerry B. Grácio, Paul Randy Gumanao, Marlon Hacla, Vanessa Anne Joice T. Haro, Jeffrey Javier, Maria Kristelle C. Jimenez, Joshua Mari B. Lumbera, Jae Mari D. Magdadaro, Melvin Clemente Magsanoc, Errol A. Merquita, Amado Anthony G. Mendoza III, Gil Nambatac, Jhio Jan A. Navarro, Kid Orit, Nikka Osorio, Floraime Oliveros Pantaleta, MJ Rafal, Mahika Realismo, Joseph de Luna Saguid, Christian Jay Salazar, Mark Anthony S. Salvador, Edgar Calabia Samar, Louie Jon A. Sánchez, Arthur David San Juan, Mark Anthony Simbajon, Orland Agustin Solis, Ariel Sotelo Tabág, John Iremil Teodoro, Rosmon Tuazon, M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac, Enrique S. Villasis, and Niccolo Rocamora Vitug
Translated by: Ben Aguilar, John Bengan, RR Cagalingan, Nicko Reginio Caluya, Bernard Capinpin, Marius D. Carlos, Jr., Shane Carreon, Tiny Diapana, Mel Matthew Doctor, Adonis Ramos Enricuso, Marne Kilates, J.L. Lazaga, Louise O. Lopez, Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon, Melvin Clemente Magsanoc, Alfonso Manalastas, Kristine Ong Muslim, Eunice Barbara C. Novio, Louie Jon A. Sánchez, Kristoffer Aaron G. Tiña, Eliza Victoria, Michael Carlo C. Villas, and Niccolo Rocamora Vitug



Cathy Adams
The Switchback Boys of Drayton, Alabama

Sarah Bolmarcich
The Right Noose

Leah Browning
The Body in the Bedroom

Paul Luikart
I Don’t Hold Hands with Anybody Anymore

R.F. Mechelke
A Kaleidoscope of Color

A.J. Ortega
The Last Ride



Timothy Resau
A Railroad Yard, circa 1972

Sarah Smith
Ukulele Club


Caryn Coyle
Remembering Claire



Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles
Three Books, Reviewed by Thomas Dorsett

Stephen F. Davitt
Tell Me What I Want to Hear, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Alexis Rhone Fancher
Erotic: New & Old Poems, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Paulette Demers Turco
The Powow River Poets Anthology II, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Jim Zola
Monday After the End of the World, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy


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