Rich Heller

Blond Spider Boy

There is a blond spider
on the window screen
behind my blue reading
chair.  He makes me think  

of a blond boy whose pain
was unbearable.  He looks  

like a star—the spider
that is.  The boy looked
like a star too but can
no longer be seen—  


A spider sits so still
you expect him to be
there forever,
but a spider is not
a star and neither
is a boy no matter  

how brilliant and besides
even stars explode
or eventually run
out of fuel.

© Rich Heller

Rich Heller’s work has appeared in dozens of publications including Hiram Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, The Minnesota Review, and Watershed. He is a sustainability professional and a volunteer native-plant gardener at Minadeo Elementary School and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. His spoken word and songs can be found at his YouTube channel.

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