*Loch Raven Review, Volume 19, No. 1, 2023*


Grant M. Armstrong
A fever dream in the afternoon
The Morning

paul Bluestein
Guilin, China
The Only Constant
Walking With Chance

Marte Carlock
First Evening in Kyoto

Susan Cossette
The Ocean Remembers Everything

Holly Day
The Migration
Just In Case It Is

Marie Christine Delea

Johanna DeMay
What Our Bones Believe
Ghost Towns
If English Nouns Had Gender

Abbie Doll
what if planets were tennis balls

John Dorsey
Cancer Song #10
Cancer Song #11
Cancer Song #12

John Dorroh
Watching Trains Roll Past Our Second-story Window at the Kingsley Inn on a Frigid Wednesday Night in Fort Madison, Iowa

Mel Edden
James Joyce by Bernice Abbott

Fatihah Quadri Enioloa
A poem in which my body is a path to history.

Fritz Eifrig
from where we all sit

Ifiokobong Etuk
The Boy With Emerald and Tears

Jan FitzGerald
Cardio Wizard

Madeleine French
Diving Board Vibrato
For Joe, When the Rockets Launch

Ray Greenblatt
September Frost
Wide Open Spaces

John Grey
The Woman and Her Job Offer
Your Flight Has Been Delayed

Bruce Gunther
Back Home
Coldest Day of Winter

William Heath
The Future

Yvonne Higgins Leach
Sunshine Mine Disaster, 1972
Wile E. Coyote
The Morning Grandma Pat Died

Sherri H. Hoffman
On the Backs of Horses
The Hunted
Figure Eights
Suicide Stories

Julie Allyn Johnson
Pitched to the Injured Choir

Emily Kedar
To Human (v)

Jennifer Keith
Martha in Cincinnati

Ann E. Michael
Reading Old Diaries
Hog Butchering Demonstration (Deconstructing Breakfast)

Patricia Nelson

Gloria Parker
Fourth Grade
What’s in a Name?

Bobby Parrott
When I Get to Lick the Moon
Little Boat Running Over

Ren Pike
Old gods

Richard T. Rauch
Chimney Holder
Second Generation

Mary Sesso
Turning Point
Why I Love Emily Dickinson
Touch Scars
Orange and Black

Joemario Umana
A Boy’s Cry for a Map to Freedom

Glen Wilson
Lenora Carrington poses with her children

Robin Wright
For One Day



Six Yiddish-Language Poets: Avi Fried, Aliza Greenblatt, Rokhl Korn, Abraham Nahum Stencl, Leyzer Volf, and Rajzel Zychlinsky
Translated by: Avi Fried, Caleb Sher, Joseph Reisberg, Joran
Lee Schnee, Roberta Newman, and Susan Cohen



Will Brooks
The Birthday Season

Yulia Iliukha
My Women, translated from Ukrainian by Hanna Leliv

Mike Kreiner
The Silent and the Fearful

Donald McMann
Mars Landing



Maddy Burns

Patricia Contaxis
Little Gull

Mellisa Pascale

Jim Ross
The Naked Leopard

Susan R. Weinstein
That Morning on Montgomery Place

Karen J. Weyant
Cigarette Smoke



Kate Albus
A Place to Hang the Moon, Reviewed by Mary Sophie Filicetti

Robert Cooperman
A Nightmare on Horseback, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Jennifer Keith
Truant Season, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Yvette Neisser
Iron into Flower, Reviewed by Ginny Phalen

Michael Salcman
Necessary Speech, New and Selected Poems, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy


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