*Loch Raven Review, Volume 14, No. 2, 2018*


Linette Marie Allen
The Other Night

Crisosto Apache
A Sickness

Cynthia Bargar
Locked Ward
How You Get Here

Judy Beaston
Her Final Notes

Carol Bindel
In Praise of the World Enduring

Shirley Brewer
Elegy for Sandra Bland
Glitz at the Musee’
The Belle of Baltimore

Kevin Cahill
The Graduates
Anne Bronte
Cow and Calf

Hugh Cook
Foreign Fabric
Breaking Fast with Father

Kari Ann Ebert
The River Wide
The Seduction Of Grief
Writing Love Poems In Pencil

David Galloway
The Gypsy Children in Orange

Eric Greinke
Break Out
From Mirror To You
Wilderness Survival

Geoffrey Himes
Winter Tree
The Canoe Trip
Audubon Park
A Cubist Observes A Songbird

Sister Anne Higgins
Getting Over Clint Eastwood
Emily’s Handwriting

Sarah Law
The Inside
The Cutters

Chris Mason
Dream of Tigers Living Among Us
Six Slender Female Paleontologists

George Timothy Mason
Onesies and Nonesies
Settle for a Pretzel

Andrea Moorhead
The Illusion of Evidence
Reading the Light

Lalita Noronha
Holding Tombstones

Maureen Scanlon
Carnival Lights

Tara Smith
The House on Walnut Street

Pamela L. Summers
My Son and a Bird in the House

John Sweet
angel of death
dogs, weeping
flowers for Judas

Andrew Szilvasy
Beyond All Change
Tourist in Amsterdam
The Pianist Plays Parcheesi

Marianne Szylk
Dancing in Watertown
Memories of Facing West
After the Death of a Strong Woman
Write Here You Know

Judith Wilkinson
The Mexican Woman Who Died in the Desert



Ten Ukrainian Poets: Yuriy Andrukhovych, Kateryna Babkina, Oleh Lysheha, Andriy Lyubka, Oksana Lutsyshyna, Vasyl Makhno, Iryna Shuvalova, Vasyl Stus, Lyuba Yakimchuk, and Serhiy Zhadan. Translated by: Mark Andryczyk, Vitaly Chernetsky, Olena Jennings, Oksana Maksymchuk, Wanda Phipps, Max Rosochinsky, and Virlana Tkacz 



Kate Pipkin
The County Dump

Lena Fultz
A Childhood Razed

Ernest Delune
Yes-We Can Prevent Riots After Sports Events



Victoria Forester
The Dovecote

Beate Sigriddaughter
The System

Carol Westreich Solomon



Laurie Byro
La Dogaressa & Other Poems, Reviewed by Tree Riesener

Marcus Colasurdo & G.H.Mosson
Heart X-Rays, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Mitchell W. Feldstein
Even Change, Reviewed by Henry Cherry

Matt Hohner
Thresholds and Other Poems, Reviewed by Harvey Lillywhite

Lidia Kosk, ed. Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka
Szklana góra / Glass Mountain, Reviewed by Katherine E. Young

James B. Nicola
Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists, Reviewed by Lena Fultz

Charles Rammelkamp
Jack Tar’s Lady Parts, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy


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