Chris Mason

Dream of tigers living
…..among us
like those raised by Buddhist monks –
…..sweet to start
work week in city of
…..automobiles growling incessantly,
could take your life but
…..choose not to.
Pedestrians walk through
…..carnivorous traffic like
monks, challenging traffic’s
I steer metal beast with all my might,
… not hit thought-talking walker

Six slender female
descend with ropes through
…..narrow chimney connecting
upper cave to lower chamber,
…..excavate bones Homo
Naledi individuals
…..walking with loved ones,
foraging, hunting, eating with gusto,
…..meeting tragic or long-expected
ends, bones ending up
…..mysteriously lower chamber to be
meticulously carried into sunlight by
…..six slender female paleontologists

© Chris Mason

Chris Mason is the author of Where to From Out (Furniture, 2013), Hum Who Hiccup (Narrow House, 2011), Click Poems (Shabby Editions, 1982), and Poems of a Doggy (pod books, 1977). He is a member of 3 bands: The Tinklers, Old Songs, and Coocoo Rockin Time.

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