*Loch Raven Review, Volume 17, No. 2, 2021*


Oisín Breen
Spring Blooms as I lay in the Grass
The Rafferty

Shirley J. Brewer
The Cone Sisters
Dear Critic
The Society of Obscure Yellow Dresses

Lorraine Caputo
Country Road

Sarah Carleton
The Art of Forgetting

My American Circus
Rest in Peace, Down Comforter
Climbing Wall
Over There

Ellen Chia

Patty Dickson Pieczka
A Walk at Dawn

Timothy Dodd

Dorothy Dodge
fine (adj.)

William Doreski
This Imagined Paris

Milton P. Ehrlich
Devoted Lover
Don’t Leave Without Me

Michael Foldes
ode to bukowski

Christopher T. George
Schadenfreude Afternoon
To Seyma Ozkan
The Great Writer’s Relics
Chicano Poet

Sid Gold
The Light

John Grey
The Traditional Singer

Christine Higgins
Blue Skies
No One Ever Called Her Elizabeth
Hydrangea Dreams
Dear Hansel,

Ann Howells
Western Shore
Sharing the Front Seat
Conversations with My Sister

DS Maolalai
Buying a Car
Visiting Dingle.

Roopam Mishra

Goddonny Normil
Papa Midnight

Giorgia Papagno
There’s a they and then there’s an us
I linger on this evening at your house 

Ilari Pass
Life: The End is Just The Beginning
At Home

Richard Peabody
At the Gun Clinic
Reading Kerouac in Quebec City

Andrea Potos
On Dreams
No Touching or Photography Allowed
Basketball and Poetry
Three Acorns from Emily’s Yard

Ann Power
The Eyeglasses
End Game
The Obsession

Emalisa Rose
In the Panhandle
Diversion of sparrows

Livingston Rossmoor

Russel Rowland
Hitting the Breaks
Reassurance re Bears

Silvia Scheibli
Mindo, Ecuador
My Shoes

Anthony Seidman

Allegra Silberstein
After the Silence

Marigo J. Stathis
Narcissus and Echo

Mark Tulin
Dad’s Coma

Melody Wang
Two Homes



33 Translations of a Poem by Lidia Kosk
Translated by: Yealembirhan Alemu, Sílvia Aymerich-Lemos, Peter Beicken, Zehra Çirak, Keith Cohen, Kathleen Corcoran, Padrig Dréan, Patricia Bejarano Fisher, Ninetta Matsa Feldman, Shinko Fushimi, Paul Thorfinn Hopper, Andrea Jurjević, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Roman Kostovski, Irmeli Kuehnel, Xuhua Lucia Liang, Ryan Luterman-Sevel, Dariusz Majkòwsczi, Diana Manole, Yanick Martin, Kristine Ong Muslim, Lyubomir Nikolov, Philip A. Olsen, Sabine Pascarelli, Natalia Romanova, Paul Sohar, Vladan Stamenković, Faiza Sultan, Robin Thoms, Helena Van Brande, Elisabeth Walther, and Victor Yaznevich



Edward Belfar
Mourner’s Prayer

Bridget Rohde

Pasadena Shakes

Adelaide B. Shaw



Ron Cassie
East Federal Street

Alan C. Reese
My Glorious Career in John Waters Films

Harvey Silverman
He Took Me Fishing

Eric Sommer
The Land of the Radio Baseball Gods



Jim Burger
What’s Not to Like? Words and Pictures of a Charmed Life, Reviewed by D.R. Belz

Ruxandra Ceserenu
Crusader-Woman, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Marcus Colarsudo & G.H Mosson
Simultaneous Revolutions, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Marshall Deerfield
Travel by Haiku, Volumes 6-10, Far Out on the Road With Friends, Reviewed by Thomas Dorsett

Stephen Falconer
Indebted to Change: The Beggar Poet’s I Ching, Reviewed by Michael Fallon


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