Ellen Chia


1. Rooster

His circadian rhythm
Propels him as he poises
To thrust his 100-decibels
five-syllabic overture,
Stirring the starry broth
Till it throbs no more,
Till the ink’s drained,
The egg’s cracked and
The light’s served.

2. Lotus

A blanched heart
Resides in the centre
Of its plate-like leaf.
Peer closer;
The tiny heart spews
A sunburst of veined passages;
The plate is full
To make its food.

3. Carpenter Bee

A hovering,
Then a decisive landing
On a lavender pad.
He shuffles his legs,
Pulls up at a wide reception
Of a mouth and burrows;
His abdomen to the world,
Tongue dipping into
The swan-white throat
A favourite concoction.
Sated, he hums a golden
Afternoon on his wings,
Littering hopes en route.

4. Feather

A shedding, followed
By an eddying sail through
A vertiginous current,
The charcoal grey skiff
Docks on the mottled shade
Of a garden gravel,
Awaits with trepidation
Its next port of call.

5. Cricket

He stridulates his wings
Like one playing a violin.
His nocturne is for one
Yet fills all ears;
A mantra the quintessential
Of Night’s pulsations,
Thrumming somnolence.

© Ellen Chia

Ellen lives in Thailand and whilst pondering over the wonders and workings of her tiny universe finds herself succumb time after time to the act of poetry making. Her works have been published in The Ekphrastic Review, The Honest Ulsterman, Neologism Poetry Journal, Zingara Poetry Review, The Tiger Moth Review and Chiron Review.

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