Allegra Silberstein

After the Silence

The darkness of a promise broken
           of a salt pillar
                    of an empty cupboard
The darkness of another war beginning
           of people left behind
                    of a veteran’s suicide
The darkness of a power failure
           of the new moon 
                   of a silhouette
The darkness of the womb
                the light 
         waiting to be born

© Allegra Silberstein

Allegra grew up on a farm in Wisconsin but has lived in California since 1963.  Her love of poetry began as a child when her mother would recite poems as she worked.  In addition to three chapbooks and one book, she is widely published in journals. In March of 2010 she became the first Poet Laureate of Davis and served until Sept. 2012. Allegra also performs with Third Stage dance company and Threshold Singers.

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