*Loch Raven Review Volume 16, No. 2, 2020*


Ambrielle Butler
The Devil in Me Loves the Devil In You

Shannon Cuthbert
Rip Van Winkle Lodge

Johanna DeMay
Marcela’s Lament
At Night

Michael Fallon
Falling Angel, By Angel
A Wind of Fire Is Burning Through the Heartlands of America.
When I Am Disillusioned, Frightened, and Alone, 
Every Poem Is an Argument with the Angel of Death. 
The Gift of Failure

Mike Foldes
geometry of innocence
saturday’s stepchild

Christopher T. George
Barbaric Yawp for the West Virginia Mountains

Phil Goldstein
Form and Void
The Last Act

John Grey
Here You Are
Nothing To Be Said
The Blue

Ravenna Hennane
Mob Binary
What Rainy Days Mean To Me
Gold and Flight

John Richard Heath
The lawn is no more but the garden is glorious

Peycho Kanev
The Metaphysician in the Darkness
Official Address

Sven Kretzschmar
Weather or not
Shopping list

Judy Kronenfeld
My Mother, the Milkmaid, and Myself
Pandemic Banana Bread
Comic Relief for English Teachers

John Lambremont, Sr. 
The Sense of Urgency
The Louisiana Sand Man

DS Maolalai
Immortal today.
Five years

John McKernan
Child Sent to His Room

Ben Nardolilli
Common Scams

Michael Pielaet-Strayer
For Jimmy

Ann Quinn

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
Poem Written Backward
The Set Dresser

Russell Rowland

E. Samples
Rain for Your Birthday
Heavenly Waters

Bharat Shekhar
Paging You

Eugene Stevenson
Midnight Crossing the Picket Line

Peter W. Yaremko

Ed Zahniser
Time to Go
Plan Your Next Lifetime Now



Twelve Spanish-Language Poets: Juana Bignozzi, Carmen Boullosa, Javier Bozalongo, Melbin Cervantes, Elsa Cross, Silvia Guerra, Claudia Lars, Sonia Manzano, Mayra Santos-Febres, Alcira Soust Scaffo, Carmen Váscones, and Idea Vilariño
Translated by Susan Ayres, Lisa Rose Bradford, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Alexis Levitin, Miles Liss, Brook McClurg, Seth Michelson, Philip Pardi, Jeannine M. Pita, Lawrence Schimel



Chris Cascio
Maiden Voyage

Michael Howard
Lakeside at the Start of Summer

Wilson Koewing
Petrin Hill

Camilla Lopez-Passapera
Piratas de Tierra (Land Pirates)

Darrell Petska
The Red Fox



Amanda Martin

Holly Morse-Ellington
On a Whistle and a Prayer

Rita Plush
Gertz & Gloves

Harvey Silverman
LaDora and Dennis

Anannya Uberoi
The Secret Garden

Barrett Warner



Alan Britt
Gunpowder for Single-ball Poems, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Laurie Byro
Hopeless Romance, Reviewed by Jim Zola

Barbara Drake
The Road to Lilac Hill, Reviewed by Craig Cotter

Eric D. Goodman
The Color of Jadeite, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Michael Salcman
Shades and Graces, Reviewed by David Eberhardt and Dan Cuddy

Harvey Lillywhite
Your Unfathomable Wardrobe, Reviewed by Michael Fallon

Diane Wakoski
Lady of Light, Reviewed by Craig Cotter

Sally Whitney
When Enemies Offend Thee, Reviewed by R.M. Poole and S.C. Hocker


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