E. Samples

Rain for Your Birthday
January 4, 2018

I’m not sure whether this January will have a moon
I’m not sure I care
Whether it has one or two
or no moon at all;
Night sky, like the memory of you,
is my own projection
Thin dance colliding particles watering a veil;
Diaphanous partition separating my heart
from my mind’s confession

In a dream a man tells me:
In waking life he is a hawk;
I see the form
I choose to see           

I wonder if the river I can’t visit
carves the same unfinished tones
as the rain, the ground, the bones beneath

I don’t have to get you anything this year
But I find myself talking to a photograph asking
Is there anything you need


Heavenly Waters

Will we step again into the same river
Or is it, as Heraclitus wrote, impossible;
Will we speak the same word twice
Or is the same word different each time

A word spoken infinitely
traverses a strange loop
Like repeating your name over and over
until your name feels meaningless
Emily Emily Emily Emily
Emily Emily Emily Emily
Emily Emily Emily Emily
Alien syllables, uncanny sounds
As a child I would do this until I giggled;
The absurdity of Emily
As a teenager I was perplexed and unsettled
As an adult I’m amused again and laugh

We traverse galaxies
posing unanswerable questions
Stars flow over;
Waters rush each step;
Each question asks itself back at us

Will we wake again to the same universe
Or is the same universe different each time

© E. Samples

E. Samples is an Appalachian contrarian living in Southern Indiana. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Stillwater Review, Lucent Dreaming, Abridged, Still: The Journal, Variant Lit, Black Bough Poetry, Crêpe & Penn, Kissing Dynamite, and elsewhere. She is on twitter @emilysamples.

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