*Loch Raven Review Volume 16, No. 1, 2020*


Jonel Abellanosa
Out of the Body
Two Views of Nature

Susan Ayres
Mother’s Day

Brenda Stevens Baer
Standing On Westminster Bridge in Woodsworth
The Queen of Hearts Lament

John Bartell

Judy Beaston
Clouds Hang Over You

Sudasi Clement
Central Avenue Love Poem
Mountain Meditation

Joan Colby

Gail Braune Comorat
Poem for a Lost Brother
To the Moon and Back/Poem with a First Line Stolen from Fernando Contraras Castro

Stephen Cramer
The Other Side

Marc Alan Di Martino
Hit and Run
Speed Freak
With Our Bare Hands

Dorothy Dodge
older men
conjuring acts

Jules Elleo
The Misunderstanding at the Heart of Every Sadness
They Died

Clarinda Harriss 
The Boy in the Bovril Ad
The Gravity of Keys
Les Chemises de la Melancolie

Geoffrey Himes

Greg Huteson
Quiet End

Carol Jennings
Beethoven, Piano Concerto No. 1

Tate Lewis
My Father’s Needpointed Santa Lumbar Pillow

Jennie Linthorst
Breaking My Husband’s Fall
Everyday Grace

John Martone

James McKee
A Very Short Trip to a Very Dark Place

Rachel Dyar McKenzie
Honey’s House

Michael Minassian
The Fool Next Door
A Matter of Timing
Lost Lines
Summertime Blues

Jonathan Phillips
If Depression Were a Four-Letter Word

James W. Reynolds
Venerable Men of Middle Age

Michael Salcman
Pictures on a Trembling Wall
Suicide Poem
Six Reflections on Salvador Dalí  (1904-1989)

Adriana Stimola
Breathing, in December

Jennifer Sutherland
You Lose Something When You Cool It
The Actor Must Be Sure To Hit Her Mark

Samuel Swauger
Umbrella Poem

Claire Taylor
The Produce Section Doesn’t Know I’m Postpartum

John Tustin
Tiny Sunlight
The Words Have Gone Home

Zachary Wardell
From Homeland South
Spring Grove Express

Scott Waters
Body of Works

Richard Weaver
What did the river

Henry Westray Jr.

Martin Willitts Jr.
The Aftermath
The Message Was Delivered

Marie Gray Wise
When the Snow Began
Lying in the Summer



Eleven German-Language Poets: Peter Beicken, Mirko Bonné, Christine Busta, Safiye Can, Zehra Çirak, Harald Hartung, Wolfgang Hilbig, Sarah Kirsch, Barbara Maria Kloos, Monika Rinck, and Sabine Schiffner
Translated by: Peter Beicken, Isabel Fargo Cole, Thomas Dorsett, Maria Fink, Nicholas Grindell, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Sabine Pascarelli, Marilya Veteto Reese, Henry A. Smith, and Helena Van Brande



Eric D. Goodman
It Was the Neighbor Who First Noticed Something Was Amiss

David Henson
Michael’s Peter

Judy Kronenfeld
The Paisley Scarf

Susan E. Lloy
What’s What

Hannah Newman
Why It Waits



Trinh Lê
A Difficult Love



David Churchill
The Music of the Aztecs, Reviewed by Lisa Stice

Bill Jones
Still Life in a Hurricane, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Patricia Nelson
Out of the Underworld, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Madison Smartt Bell
Child of Light, Reviewed by Caryn Coyle


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