Judy Beaston

Clouds Hang Over You

Pewter clouds shadow your days,
a relentless chase
overwhelming all the sunny
moments found beyond doors opened
to opportunities, each denied,
one after another,
as yet another kink in the plans
disrupts forward momentum.

 And the rain pours down.

I watch from a distant shore,
my tears reflect heart’s desire
for shifts beneficial
to your circumstances,
shifts beyond my control
or ability to change, knowing
all must blossom within you,
too much from me
would only drown you in place.

© Judy Beaston

Judy Beaston finds inspiration for her writing from the people and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Her poems and stories have appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Loch Raven Review, Over Land and Rising (Poetry anthology), Indiana Voice Journal, Writers’ Mill Journal and an anthology of short stories titled The Way Back.

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