*Loch Raven Review, Volume 11, No. 1, 2015*


Diana Anhalt
How to Ride la Bestia

Michael Bornemann
Teasing Her

Bob Bradshaw
After the Divorce

Jane Burn
Come, the Night
Stitch Stool

Alan Catlin
Dream Sequence
Last Day of Pre-school, Yellow Brick Road Nursery School, 1975
Our Lady of the Kitchen Appliances

Hannah Dellabella
The Year of Metal and Blood
Heavier Than Air

Jéanpaul Ferro
Gun with Occasional Music
Arrete! C’est ici L’Empire de la Mort

Alice Folkart
Perfect Pair
A Man and His Hog

Clarinda Harriss
26th Street, With Landslide (Tuesday, April 30, 2014)
Full Fathom Five

Jennifer Lagier
Snark Muse

Richard Merelman
Civil Inattention
Arrayed…….In Time…….And Place
Making “Classics 101” Relevant

Edgar Gabriel Silex
The Butterfly

Shawn Nacona Stroud
Dead April

Pia Taavila-Borsheim
Delray Again
After He Leaves

Don Thompson

Mariah E. Wilson

Burgi Zenhaeusern
Slide Show


Lê Pham Lê
Lê Pham Lê, translated by Lê Pham Lê and Nancy Arbuthnot


Barrett Warner
Doing Time with Charles Wright


Elisabeth Dahl
High Noon

Kat Malone
The Bitter End

Deborah Rudacille
Sadie’s Dress


Katherine E. Young
Day of the Border Guards, Reviewed by Thomas Dorsett

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1 thought on “*Loch Raven Review, Volume 11, No. 1, 2015*”

  1. Overall- and I will be perhaps the only person to comment here and thusly- meaning to me that no one or few really digest stuff like this– which makes u wonder why make such ventures?
    I actually read items even on line of the L R Review- I know the editors and respect them.
    The poets and others in this issue?
    I am reading every one and commenting- as will few others.
    and the persons commented on will not return comments.
    Generally, may I tell u that i find most amurikan poetry these days- no political enuff, not musical enuff.
    @ there let it rest.

    “Helen of Troy mnay die- Helen of Colorado never”- Emily D

    actuaLLY ANY ONE

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