* Contents, Spring – Summer 2013 *


Shirley J. Brewer
Modern Jezebel
Of Mice and Smoke

Terry Collett
What Colour Soul
Cocker Spaniel at Grandmother’s House

Phebe Davidson
Twenty Years In
Secure Knowledge
Past Midnight
What Betty Forgets by Morning

Ab Davis
Away from Home

Caroline Hedin
Scaffolding Man

Kathryn Jacobs
Flying Buttresses

Bill Jones
The Night War Ended
The Night of the Dream
Pissing in the Sink

Marta Knobloch
Nine Haiku

Natalie Lobe
Good Hands

Bruce McRae
Bridal Shower
Of Course, This Was Some Time Ago

Scott Owens
Holding His Head in His Hands

Ed Shacklee
Spider on a Pillow
Riddle with the Wrong Answer

Peter Wyton
The Possum in the Pastry Tray
Kiss Me Dead
Les Nympheas


Moshe Dor
Moshe Dor, translated by Barbara Goldberg


Josh Phinney
My Arabic Journey


D.R. Belz
The Paper Clip

Jon Gingerich
The Con

Rosalia Scalia
Training Wheels


Diana Anhalt
Second Skin, Reviewed by Peter Ludwin

Carol Bindel
Inherited Estate, Reviewed by Caryn Coyle

Shirley J. Brewer
After Words, Reviewed by Christopher T. George

Richard Merelman
The Imaginary Baritone, Reviewed by Christopher T. George

Jane Satterfield
Her Familiars, Reviewed by Sue Hocker

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