Marta Knobloch

Nine Haiku

camera, haiku
capture sundog, cloud fractal
interpreting light

Cottonwood shimmer
green balm in a creek hollow
promising water

cattle tank mirrors
sunset’s liquid radiance
sky in a tin cup

Blue Norther tracks moon
through shape-shifting cloud canyons
crackle glaze midnight

balanced on bright air
hawk between rising, falling
the only moment

slip away mountains
always on the horizon
haunting blue mirage

brilliant clockwork stars
wheel past Mitre Peak paced by
a pendulum moon

rain that is not rain
drifting virga, barren range
silent, distance sealed

Texas alchemy
blue mountain lupine, blue sky
as above, below

© Marta Knobloch

Marta Knobloch is the author of three award-winning collections of poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Italy, and England. She has traveled extensively throughout her life, lived abroad, and currently makes her home in Far West Texas. In 2003, Marta was Visiting Poet at the Fondazione II Fiore in Florence, Italy. Among other awards, she was the first international winner of Ferrara’s Premio Donna in 1995 for her bilingual collection of poetry The Room of Months / La stanza dei mesi, Book Editore, Bologna, Italy. Her bilingual play La Virago was read by students of the Theater Department of the University of Rome at a meeting in 2001 of Il Circolo della Quercia, the oldest literary organization in Rome. She states, “I’m grateful to have lived in a number of fascinating places. My writing is shaped by my experiences in other cultures.” Five of these haiku appeared in the catalog for the “High Desert Transit: Three Paths” exhibition, which took place in April 2012 in Alpine, Texas. Marta was a member of the Triage poetry group while living in Alpine and the exhibition featured her work and that of two other Triage members.

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