Richard Weaver

Allergic to Guinness Stout?

Is it possible? Can
such a thing be?
In this world
of mega-meta-vitamins
and hyper-sensitivity
to the mood-of-the-moment,
can it be that Stout,
my companion of 40 odd years
is a burden to others, or me?
I reject the premise.
I deny the postulate.
Toxic-bar syndrome? (TBS)
Delayed peat dementia? (DPD)
Surely something the DMS 95
might reveal in the years to come
long after my ashes have been scattered
to the drunken winds.
As for now I raise me pint glass
backwards towards 1759
and celebrate the long last call.

© Richard Weaver

Richard Weaver resides in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. His poems have been published in numerous venues including Poetry, Vanderbilt Poetry Review, North American Review, Crazy Horse, and New England Review among others. His most recent publication, The Stars Undone, a limited edition of 20 poems published by Duende Press, was taken from a larger collection about the Mississippi artist, Walter Inglis Anderson. Four poems from that collection became the libretto for a symphony, Of Sea and Stars, composed by Eric Ewazen of Julliard.

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1 thought on “Richard Weaver”

  1. fellow drinker dave tells richard abt: Bent Hills brewery in Vermont makes a nice coconut flavored stout.

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