Mary E. Moore

Measure for Measure

They say
it’s raining
cats and dogs,
as if that
made sense
and didn’t call up
some doggone

Why not
it’s pouring
pints and pounds,
which dispenses
with drama
and confines
itself to
measured speech.

© Mary E. Moore

Mary E. Moore is a retired physician/educator who has written poetry on occasion over the years but who has written it regularly only since her retirement in 2004. Since then, in addition to several anthologies, her poems have been published in The Raintown Review, Möbius, The Eclectic Muse, The HyperTexts, Tapestries, The Mid-America Poetry Review, Amaze, and Umbrella Journal.  Additional work can also be read at her website at  Her first full-length poetry collection, On the Path, was published by Karen Kelsay in late 2014 to good reviews and can be purchased on Amazon.

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1 thought on “Mary E. Moore”

  1. It seems one cannot comment on the lst 2 poets- is it disabled in some fashion/- any how
    Brevity is the soul of wit here- good work- after doggone and catastrophe the last stanza kind of a let down.

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