Mark Bonica

a walk to the end of the universe

if you walk to the end of the universe
come barefoot
out of respect, but also
because there’s this great beach there.

you’ll find me wearing a broad brimmed hat,
making sand castles from stars

the Titans run around nude
so don’t be shocked
(and don’t stare –
they’ll know you’re American
if you do)

when you come,
barefoot of course,
we’ll walk down to where the river of time
pours over the edge of the abyss

but before we do
happy hour is from 3-6,
and the special is always
green appletinis
at Milton’s Pub and Grille.

a raven sits at the bar
on a perch of olive
telling everyone who comes by
that he’s never going back

© Mark Bonica

Mark Bonica is a father, husband, soldier, photographer, and, oddly, economics professor. His poetry has appeared in a variety of online and print magazines including Words-Myth, Righthandpointing, Oak Bend Review, and Star*Line. He has recently published a chapbook, Oneironaut, and a collection of short fiction, Love Stories in Extraordinary Time. He blogs at, and


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1 thought on “Mark Bonica”

  1. wonderful wit- everytime i see soldier (as a peecenik) i wonder……my mentor Fr Phil Berrigan had been a soldier, Randall Jarrell was, Wilfred Owen– i think the poetic sensibility develops after one enlists?

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