*Loch Raven Review, Volume 18, No. 2, 2022*


Morgan Boyer
Spending time
The Spider Watches
Why I’m alone

Ed Brickell

Donna L. Emerson
Bright Yellow
Walking The Labyrinth

Robert Estes
Neighbor’s Diagnosis

Marc Alan Di Martino
“We live in the flicker”
Big Full Moon

Rena Fleming
The Blues Between Two Yellows.
This is How He Looked

Gabriella Garofalo
To M.W.

Christopher T. George
The Grave Digger of Lesbos

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle
That Night
Madeleine and the Big Fucking Idea

Claire Keyes
My Mother Enters the Work Force
First Job/Sixteen
Hair Being Silver

Nupur Maskara
Domestic Goddess Kalis

Angie Minkin
Dog Days at Mile High Greyhound Park
Black Leather Skirt

Sandra Salinas Newton

Dorty Nowak
Shall We Gather at the River?

Kimberly Nunes
Villanelle for an Octogenarian
Bullfight in Málaga
In Rome

Jean O’Brien
The Ornate Fireplace
And Then There Were None
Mud and Amber

Nathanael O’Reilly
Safe Home

Dana Robbins
The Station

Diane Lee Sammet
Thin Ice
We’ll Dance

Shane Schick
Work Appropriate
Station Stop

Susan Sonde
If Love Had Grooves

Naomi Thiers
Old Man As a Wall
This Morning

Eileen Trauth
Charlene’s Shoes
Blessings in Disguise

John Tustin
X Friends
Yesterday’s Scampi

Alice Versella
Celtic Knot Ceremony Pantoum



Thomas Dorsett
In Memorium: David Diorio, 1925-2022







Doug Lambdin
Life Sentence

Steve Saulsbury
All Firms Are Silent: Scenes from Berghof



Laura Costas
Ariadne Awakens: Instructions for the Labyrinth, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Marc Alan Di Martino
Still Life With City, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Michael Fallon
Leaf Notes: Poems of the Plague Years, Reviewed by Ginny Phalen

Madison Smartt Bell
The Witch of Matongé Reviewed by Caryn Coyle


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