*Loch Raven Review, Volume 12, No. 2, 2016*


Jackie Airhart
Ham Radio
Photos of Family Jumpers Off Elk Falls, NC
The Fish

Robert Beveridge
8235 Northlake Ct.
Five Long Years

Ace Boggess
Pop Culture
The First Cigarette

Bob Bradshaw
After the Winter Rains
A Divorced Man Remembers the Winter Palace

Marcus Colasurdo
Empty Stadium (Baltimore)

Joan Colby
Tom Sawyer
Wonder Woman
Work Is
The Wave

Jo Cothren
Loving You Makes Me Afraid

Ruth Z. Deming
My Soul Resides in a Pond of Silence

Paul Hostovsky
Main Street This Morning

Stephen Kopel
Ruiz, Darling

Tony Magistrale
Ode to a New Pair of Louboutin Boots
The Essence of Cool
Cecil Beaton’s Photograph “Robe en Taffetas de Soie Devant une Peinture de Jackson Pollock

Ronald Moran
Blind Date
Faces of Suspects

G.H. Mosson
Bombing Run
All In
Abandoning the Debate

Ron Riekki
Talking about Sex with Melissa

W.M. Rivera
Disembarking the Drunken Boat
Manicured Cracks

Russell Rowland
Bad Year for Berries
Merry Widows
Phantom Sensations

Matthew Ulland
Fireflies on Fire Island
Front Page, Local News

Steve Weaver
Fantasy Pancakes
Roll the Dice
If Only the Other Lines Had Been As True



Five Romanian Poets: Carmen Firan, Nora Iuga, Diana Manole, Marin Sorescu, and George Vulturescu. Translated by Carla Baricz, Olimpia Iacob, Diana Manole, Adam J. Sorkin, and Lidia Vianu



Michael Fallon
Drawing circles with Time

Robin Farabaugh

G.H. Mosson
Midnight with Marcus Colasurdo: On Poetry and Activism. An Interview



Lou Gaglia
The Museum Test

Tom Glenn
Snow and Ashes



Piotr Gwiazda
Aspects of Strangers, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Hiram Larew
Utmost: Poems, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Sabyasachi Nag
Could You Please, Please, Stop Singing, Reviewed by Christopher T. George

James B. Nicola
Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater, Reviewed by Christopher T. George

Elisavietta Ritchie
Babushka’s Beads: A Geography of Genes, New and Selected Poems, Reviewed by
Christopher T. George

Michael Salcman
A Prague Spring, Before and After. Poems by Michael Salcman, Reviewed by
Christopher T. George

Barrett Warner
Why Is It So Hard to Kill You? Reviewed by Alan C. Reese


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