Laura M Kaminski

Considering Luminescence

The moth flies toward
the light; watch it arrive –
the fluttering is its way
of kneeling. It is a pilgrim.
It has found the source
of the entire universe – or so
it believes – and surrenders
to the welcome heat, freed now
from temptations of other
illuminations that mislead,
ready to report to the god-
father of all caterpillars
the heretical nature
of fireflies.

© Laura M Kaminski

Laura M Kaminski’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Conclave: A Journal of Character, RiverLit, the FutureCycle Good Works anthology Homeland: Writings About Homelessness, Theodate – Ekphrasis, The First Day, and elsewhere. Her chapbook Returning to Awe was self-published through Balkan Press in January 2014, and a full-length collection, last penny the sun, is scheduled for release Summer 2014. She occasionally posts poetry on her blog, The Ark of Identity.

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2 thoughts on “Laura M Kaminski”

  1. no- the moth simply fried

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