Clinton Van Inman


Sunday’s best looked untouched
As if saved for a day that
Never did come
Those fine china dishes
Piled under some obscure
Painting of a farmhouse
And piles of old photos
All unrecognizable
Next to miscellaneous items
That must have once been treasured
But today only marked down
An additional twenty percent.





Only birds can reach you now
High above the bustling streets
Where no one can see your face.

Are you turned to face the noble sea
That brought you victory or is it
Still turned from Fanny?



© Clinton Van Inman

Clinton Van Inman was born in Walton-on-Thames, England in 1945, grew up in North Carolina, graduated from San Diego State University in 1977, and works as a high school teacher in Tampa Bay. He lives in Sun City Center, Florida, with his wife, Elba.  He has been published in numerous Internet and print magazines and is presently gathering his works for publication for a book, One Last Beat.  We were pleased to report that Mr Van Inman he sent us the accolade that “You are one of my best publications that I share with my students.”

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