Tony Dawson

A Country Member

Johnson is a country member,
whose wallet’s in the shires,
which are desperate to dismember
the state for Johnson who aspires
to riches for himself and all his chums.
Tories are lower than vermin,
we’ll be lucky to get the crumbs.
The Cons share out the ermine
to ensure their sinecures, OK?
Essential workers, just remember:
make sure you’re ready for the fray,
because Johnson is a country member…


From Maggie to Maggots

The corruption giving off the stench
contaminates Parliament and the UK.
It mainly comes from the Tory front bench
in both the Commons and House of Lords.
The maggots gorging on a putrid cadaver 
formed by the cabinet and Tory factions,
including the scruff who’s all wind and blather,
are using their power to enrich themselves.
The blond buffoon who’s telling us lies,
by far the fattest maggot of all,
is rotting before our very eyes.
Meanwhile, the fat cats lick the cream
and all the pigs are at the trough,
an endless line of pin-striped swine
whose snouts can never find enough to “scoff”
as copious “pigswill” flows galore.
It’s taxpayers money that’s being pocketed,
siphoned off by the crooks in power.
Just look how their donors’ profits’ve rocketed.
Conservative maggots and worms in their hundreds
are asset-stripping the country bare
to fill the coffers of insatiable friends
and what is more, they do not care!
They’re quite determined to centralize power 
because democracy’s not what matters.
Their aim is to boost a private chumocracy
while a once great nation lies in tatters.

© Tony Dawson

Tony Dawson has published English poems in print in Critical Survey, Shoestring Press, Poems For All & Pure Slush. Online at London Grip, Syndic Literary Journal, The Five-Two, Poetry and Covid, Cajun Mutt Press, Beatnik Cowboy, & HST. Forthcoming: poems in Home Planet News. He has also published flash fiction in Chiron Review & poems in Spanish at EspacioUlisesHome Planet News has accepted flash fictions in Spanish.

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