Susan Lloy


……….He has been watching her for some time. She comes to do laundry once a week and always offers up a half smile, acknowledging him, but never engaging in conversation. There is something about her that reminds him of some aging actress who has decided to
take the natural road to the golden yonder, not afraid that the afternoon light is highlighting her sagging jawline.
……….There is elegance about her, as if she has just stepped out of some chic salon. He always looks when she isn’t aware. Stealing a little peek when her nose is buried in some book that she routinely brings each Saturday.
……….He tries not to focus as she folds her wet clothes. Putting them in an over-sized blue Ikea bag. Her undergarments are what gets him. It’s as if she’s given up. One little granny, two little grannies. So many grannies piled in a row.
……….He imagines her in high-end lingerie. A pastel pink number with her straight hair, which was once blond, trailing down her back. He concentrates on the flimsy silk fabric moving just a hint from the open window. Little beads of sweat grace her forehead.
……….As she exits, he notices she has dropped one of her undies. Nevertheless, he can’t bring himself to go after her. He is only capable of placing the garment on top of her favorite machine.

© Susan Lloy

Susan E. Lloy has consistently published internationally since 2012. Her short collection, But When We Look Closer, was recently published by Now Or Never Publishing. Her forthcoming collection, Vita, will be released April 15, 2019. She lives in Montreal. Her website is

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