Sara Robinson

Risposta coro to a Spanish Ballad

……..That barista, Mother,
……..with the dark roast eyes…
…………….Tony Hoagland

That young man, Father,
with the innocent chin
and lost beagle eyes
approached my counter

again today. He watches me
as I go through the motions
of pulling plugs releasing
coffee and steaming milk.

—Dad, does he not get it?
I’ve heard that he is a geek,
a type of nerd who may
have been born in Silicon Valley,

but then who really gives a shit.
—He is too latte white for me
and there are those Buddy Holly
glasses he wears, so hideous,

like he never made it out
of the ‘50s. He makes
me angry by his very existence.
I would gladly give loads

of my tips if I could say one
word that would make him leave
without saying one word to me.
Not one thing could he say

that would make me pay
him any mind, but yet
he persists in telling me
that I am beautiful,

even though today
my nose is red, I have this
flaming pimple on my chin and
my hair is flat.

© Sara Robinson

Sara Robinson, founder of the Lonesome Mountain Pros(e) Writers’ Workshop and Instructor of a course on Contemporary Women Poets with the University of Virginia’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (UVA–OLLI). Ms Robinson is also poetry columnist for Southern Writers Magazine and poetry editor for the premier issue of Virginia Literary Journal. She has been published in various journals and anthologies, including We Grew Wings and Flew (2014) and Poetica literary journal, and is poet and author of Love Always, Hobby and Jessie (2009), Two Little Girls in a Wading Pool (2012), A Cruise in Rare Waters (2013), and Stones for Words (2014). Sara’s fourth book of poetry, Sometimes the Little Town, was released in February 2016 by Cedar Creek Publishing.

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