Peycho Kanev


Things all around fall into the night,
they darken, they ashen,

as the sun hides after a whole day with you,
as the sky breaks down from the midday heat,
as the dirt covers all unspoken sins,

and the night envelops even the candle flame
by the bed in the moonless room,

where we were young once
but now our dust is weighing on the wings of the moths,

and we reach out to catch the last light
left on our flesh

and our hands remain empty,
like a net in a fishless sea.

A Complicated Situation

Once I bought
a love doll
and now she’s lying in bed,
watching me with a bored look.
The ravens on the branch outside
are dark, the sky is dark, my thoughts
are dark and the light rain is arriving like
a mail-order bride.

© Peycho Kanev

Peycho Kanev is the author of 4 poetry collections and three chapbooks, published in the USA and Europe. His poems have appeared in many literary magazines, such as: Rattle, Poetry Quarterly, Evergreen Review, Front Porch Review, Hawaii Review, Barrow Street, Sheepshead Review, Off the Coast, The Adirondack Review, Sierra Nevada Review, The Cleveland Review and many others. His new chapbook titled Under Half-Empty Heaven was published in 2018 by Grey Book Press.

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