Niloufar Behrooz


The coy moon and the mighty sun,
Those two now have come to be one.
For years they dreamt of this moment;
It’s how they endured love’s torment

The bashful moon’s looking so pale;
Sleepless nights have made her so frail.
She gently slides in his arms’ bliss;
Soft words they whisper as they kiss.

This holy meeting they treasure.
Do they speak of parting? Never!
But they can’t escape their destined fate;
The time’s come, they must separate.

Like a desert that craves the rain
They only hope to meet again.

© Niloufar Behrooz

Niloufar Behrooz is a PhD candidate of English Literature and a lecturer at the University of Isfahan, Iran. Her work has appeared in ParodyClassical Poets SocietyThe Literary HatchetLitro MagazineHaiku PresenceWorld Haiku Review and elsewhere. She has also published poetry and short stories in a couple of anthologies and her most recent nonfiction is forthcoming this year. Her preoccupation with the musicality and rhythmic quality of poetry may be rooted in the fact that she’s also a self-taught musician who plays several instruments.

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