Marte Carlock

First Evening in Kyoto

Up the downsloped steps
of Kiyomisu temple
  her father
  my son
carries her on his back

bright as her eyes
   its seven-tiered tower is orange, blue
glarelighted against the dusk

we buy a luck charm
take a longhandled dipper from
violetsterile glow
sip from the cascade
   descend and wander among shopstalls
past paper houses
dark temples

  under a dragon roof we sit
in shadows
her mother feeds her

On his back she sleeps
when we walk on.

© Marte Carlock

Marte Carlock‘s poetry has been published in Avalon Literary Review, DASH Literary Journal, Door Is a Jar, Edison Literary Review, Green Prints, Hobart, inscape, Moon City Review, and penumbra.

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