*Loch Raven Review, Volume 15, No. 2, 2019*


Robert Beveridge

CL Bledsoe
My Best Friend Is Turning Into a Cat.

M. Pavan Clark
Questions (Burning) for an Infidel
The Long, Slow Days of Now

Jen Davis
The Sun
Ms. Sparkle

Marc Alan Di Martino

Sarah Evans Falconer

Ethan Goffman
to a futon couch

James Hannon
Nadia//Parallel Bars
Invasive Species

James Croal Jackson
Junior Year English

Julie Allyn Johnson
The Reveal

Jennifer Lothrigel
Three Women Eating Hummus in the Kitchen
Trust Breath

S.B. Merrow
Wanting Grapefruit in September
The Only Constant

DS Molalaí
My old rival. 
Some squat animal. 
Maybe next year Mexico.
My sister’s new house. 
Your friends cat.
The hubcap.

Em Palughi
Taking Up Serpents
My Father Wanted a Boy

Michael Pielaet-Strayer

Bill Ratner
The Clinic

M. A. Rodriguez

Coyotes of the West

Mary M. Sesso
I Want to Tell You
Looking for My Muse
Dinner Companion

Spencer Smith
The Widow

Mariel Yovino
A Prison is Just
If Time Were a Tendon

Ed Zahniser
In Memoriam Esther Z. Gillies
White Oleo, Self-Publishing, and Thoreau’s Debt



Two Poems by Grace Cavalieri
Translated by Sílvia Aymerich-Lemos, Zeina Azzam, Zackary Sholem Berger, Sharif S. Elmusa, Danièle Estèbe-Hoursiangou, Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, Konstantin Kulakov, Xuhua Lucia Liang, Sabine Pascarelli, Maritza Rivera, and Paul Sohar



Neal W. Fandek
Benson & Hedges

Kevin Farrell
The Doctor’s Visit

Chariklia Martalas
Hauntings from Adolescence 



Judson Blake
Street of Another Wish

Fred Bubbers
Last September

R. F. Mechelke
Puzzle Pieces

Pamela J. Picard
In That Minute



Laurie Byro
Deux and Other Sorrows, Reviewed by Michael Fallon

Eric D. Goodman
Setting the Family Free, Reviewed by Charles Rammelkamp

Richard Luftig
A Grammar for Snow, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy

Lidia Kosk and Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka
Meadows of Memory, Reviewed by Burgi Zenhaeusern

G. H. Mosson
Family Snapshot as Poem in Time, Reviewed by Dan Cuddy


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