Fritz Eifrig

from where we all sit

home late after a night spent
with wine and old friends,
city dust on my boots.
reading Su Tung-p’o before bed.

          where the river broadens, mountains part …
          a small bridge … a fishing boat,
          one speck where the river swallows the sky.*

this vision, from a thousand years past, now
falling heavy on my heart,
these old Chinese poems, with their tea and peonies,
calling down across the folded centuries.

and from my kitchen window
I see jets approach O’Hare,
one after another,
their lights a river in the sky.

* from ‘Above the River, Heavy on the Heart’, trans. by Burton Watson



early in the morning
a thunderstorm arrived

and with it
lust, which took me by surprise

I reached across the bed
to find you

still beside me
awake and listening to the rain

© Fritz Eifrig

Fritz Eifrig has been writing poems on and off for forty years. His work has appeared in Olney Magazine, Blue River, and the Hiram Review of Poetry. His self-published chapbook, familiar dark, is available at the Etsy shop, the Weeping Manatee. He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

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