Devon Marsh

Letters from You

The strand of hair
on bathroom granite
we selected together
takes the shape of a letter.
It could stand for share,
what we do with
this room, this house,
the tasks they contain.
Or safe, your wish for us
daily in the world. It could
even make the ending sound
of yes, always a beginning.
Or maybe it begins
a note you wrote this morning
saying you stood
in the same humid space
I inhabit. Your letter
heartens me, encourages me
through my day. I read it
again and again. And
as if that one weren’t enough,
the touch I felt midmorning
tickling my wrist
turned out to be another note,
a long one explaining how,
like we’d piled them together
on an empty beach while we swam,
our cast-off clothes tangled
in the hamper, your blouse
embraced in my favorite shirt.

© Devon Marsh

Devon Marsh’s poems have appeared in Poydras Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Dark Matter, The Lake, The Penmen Review, The Tower Journal, and the Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets.  Visit his website at

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