C.V. Ellis

Father in ‘42
(Impressions from a Photo)

You lean against
the white rail fence in
your Class A uniform,
dress hat at a jaunty
slant, the ever present
Camel pursed between
those lips that crooned
so many songs in such
sweetly velvet tones
once the whiskey
had done its work.

In your eyes there’s
a look one sees in the
faces of those who
are twenty & ready to
conquer the world,
a casual bravado that
masked the deep rage
which drove you for
so many years.

But on that sun-driven day
I think I see the slightest
hint of natural smile, and
I’m sure you were happy
in the company of friends
while all were at leisure
before shipping out.

© C.V. Ellis

C.V. Ellis is a survivor of wars on the home front. Charles says that he and his sisters experienced every aspect of “growing up alcoholic” imaginable. Much of his poetry deals with childhood experiences; it’s the best form of therapy he has ever found. He enjoys poetry that tells a story, humorous poetry with a twist of darkness and poetry that pays homage to loved ones. He is a graduate of San Diego State University where he took a B.A. in English. He loves all things literary except literary snobs. His family are the most important people in his life; all else pails in comparison.

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