Allen Itz


rocking my baby…

his small head
on my chest as he sleeps

so small
and breakable

love and hope
protective, as if he were a treasure
requiring a constant

*  *

such a wash
of emotion was likely
or even possible

— or such


© Allen Itz

Allen Itz is a second-life poet originally from South Texas, moving slowly over the years from a small town on the border to San Antonio and the Texas hill country. He began as a writer in the late 1960’s, published a few poems, then quit writing for nearly 30 years. Allen returned to poetry when he retired for the first time nineteen years ago and has since published numerous poems in various on-line and print literary journals. He has one print book, Seven Beats a Second, published in 2005 and available on Amazon. His first eBook was published early in 2011. Since then, he has published four additional poetry eBooks and two experiments in creating extended narratives through flash fiction or very short short stories, both as eBooks. His weekly poetry and arts blog, “Here and Now” ( features his own work as well as the poetry of many other poets current and past. Allen’s eBooks are available just about anywhere eBooks are sold.

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