Alexandra Goodwin

The Dustbowl Turns to Rain
In honor of Langston Hughes

The rain wants me to smile
and breathe its liquid song, relentless 
through the dark night
as your life transitions
to Heaven.
The rain wants me to smile through
the hidden moon and stars, and pretend
you are here still alive.
The rain wants me to smile.


Juan Ramon Jiminez  

Juan Ramon Jimenez came to our classroom today.

He wore a hat
Of straw, his face
brushed with a black beard
Eyes like pebbles
From the bottom of a
Stream, splendor shining through
The Andalusian sun.

Summer held in his hands
leads Platero through
the classroom. We hurry
To pick up a pen,
We trap inspiration
Like wings of a Monarch.

Fluttering in our awe
We capture,
We marvel,
We revel,
We gloat
            In the vast and glorious
            Language of poetry.

© Alexandra Goodwin

Alexandra Goodwin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but she resides in Florida in her imaginary treehouse above her mango tree. She translates to and from Spanish and English and she’s the author of Exchange at the Border, Whispers of the Soul, What Color is Your Haiku? and Caleidoscopio. Her poems and essays have appeared or are upcoming in Ariel Chart, Stick Figure Poetry, The Centifictionist, The Miami Herald, and others.

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