Adelaide B. Shaw

Seven Haiku

thinning fog
the day opening up
inch by inch

cold rain
leaves dripping
the last of autumn

the beach at dusk
gulls and a lone man
on a mission

distant rumbles
a trembling surface
on the pond

gone wild in the garden
the regrets I have

summer night
the light on my neighbor’s porch
goes out

summer doldrums
whistling through the junction
the northbound train

© Adelaide B. Shaw

Adelaide B. Shaw has published numerous poems and short stories, in print and on-line, in such publications as Loch Raven Review, Bartleby Snopes, American Literary Review, The Writers’ Journal, Storyteller, The Greensilk Journal, Cyclamens and Swords, and SN Review.  She specializes in haiku and other Japanese short form poetry for which she has won many awards. Adelaide’s award-winning collection of haiku, An Unknown Road, is available as on Amazon Kindle.  She blogs at and

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